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Algebra Linear Boldrini Exercicios Resolvidos




I'm using Mathematica 8 and I'm struggling with the following problem: I have an algebra linear boldrini exercicios resolvidos and I need to find the following polynomial in this algebra: P= x[t]^2 +1 -x -2tx^2 I have tried to solve it using the following code: lbra = LinearBoldrini[t, x]; polys = PolynomialRing[lbra]; P = PolynomialRing[lbra]; lbra^2 - lbra -2*lbra^2 Unfortunately, Mathematica returns me: A: If you really need the polynomial P= x[t]^2 +1 -x -2*x*t^2 you need to use FullSimplify. s _Cells(1)._Cells[1] = this._X + 1; Cells_UserForm1.Row(this._X).Name = "Rows_UserForm1_Row_" + this._X; Cells_UserForm1.Row(this._X).Height = 40; Cells_UserForm1.Row(this._X).CssClass = "row1"; Cells_UserForm1.Row(this._X).CssClassName = "row1";




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Algebra Linear Boldrini Exercicios Resolvidos
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